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Recap to March

Busy month and lots to share. I think spring is in the air. We've already had some lovely sunny days here in Washington, and I'm seeing some flowers beginning to bloom.

Yesterday I signed a new contract with Amber Quill Press. No release date just yet. It's a Darcy Abriel story and loosely tied to the Zhalazti world building begun in "Run To Ground." This one is titled, "Eye For The Prize."

On March 15th, the second story in the Pandemonia series was released. This one is a dragogen mutant story called, "Combustible." I just saw that Hearts On Fire Reviews is holding a contest for a copy of Combustible. The contest closes March 21st. You can enter here.

And let me throw out a huge congrats to my friend, Caitlyn Willows, whose, story, Lies That Bind, just won the EPIC 2015 eBook Award for Best Erotica. Huge woo-hoo!

Have a great month, everyone. Hope you all had a super St. Patrick's Day!

Reviews are in for Pandemonia: Fortuity..

A first review is in for Pandemonia: Fortuity from MMGoodBoodReviews.

4 HEARTS! ”...Intense, brutal at times and fast paced. This story grabs your attention from the start and keeps it until the very end... Great read."  

Click to Read an excerpt of Pandemonia: Fortuity

Latest review for Blood For Blood...

First review is in for Blood for Blood from

“...dark and dangerous atmosphere, with sex and blood serving as the binding agent. ... This isn’t your typical romance... Abriel doesn’t pull her punches in terms of story telling... Abriel has built a vast world, with many different characters that are well thought out and extremely complex.” 

Click to Read an excerpt of Blood For Blood
Pandemonia: Fortuity by Darcy Abriel

Now Available - Pandemonia: Combustible

Combustible is the next release of the Pandemonia series. It is a standalone story, but there are some elements that will link to the wider world.

Combustible is also part of the "Kiss of Fire" AmberPax Collection, which is a collection of five stories by five different authors, including A.J. Llewellyn, K.M. Mahoney, Angel Martinez, and T.A. Chase, all written with dragons as the common theme.

Pandemonia: Combustible: Earth of 4035 is a wasteland populated with sectors of penal colonies, seeded through the generations by its life-long inhabitants of criminals, lunatics, political prisoners, and DNA-spliced mutants, all ruled by a powerful conglomerate of scientific researchers called the Nucleate.

One such sector, Pandemonia, is situated on the former European continent in the vicinity of Paris, now a hunting ground of a world gone horribly awry.

Drayce Eth, of dragogen-spliced DNA creation, rules one quandrant of Old Paris with a strong hand. He has never mated, never taken a long-term lover, and has always denied the instincts of his dragogen-spliced DNA. But then he encounters an attractive disciple and slave of his arch-enemy, Dr. Francois Beljon, and a simple game of poke-the-bear to relieve his ennui may just result in more than Drayce ever expected. It may also be exactly what he needs when his mating instincts are aroused by this least likely of potential mates.

Crispen Wills is a product of the mean streets. He’s a survivor—a dancer, a liar, a scavenger, and whatever else will serve to keep him alive. But when he becomes a desirable pawn in a treacherous game, it could easily cost him his life. What Crispen never expects is to fall in love with the powerful dragogen that his master has sent him to destroy.

Passions mix with danger in a highly flammable game devoid of rules and safe words, where all’s fair in love, lust...and death. Only a fool would dare to risk everything for a fleeting chance at love, especially when that lover could easily barbecue you should you make one false step...

Excerpt & Buy Link - Single Title - Pandemonia - Combustible
Buy Link for Amberpax Collection - Kiss Of Fire

Coming Soon...

Watch for the release of Eye For The Prize, coming soon, another in the Zhalazti series of stories.

Eye For The Prize. Boyhood friends are reunited when an artifact, priceless to one, comes into the possession of the other. If only it were that simple...

Other stories, loosely related, but involving Zhalazti world building, include: Run To Ground, and two that are related - My Soul He Seeks and My Fate, My Destiny.

March Contest - Enter to Win a PDF of Blood For Blood

This contest is now open, and runs through March 31st. And I will be holding contests each month, so you might want to bookmark this page to enter for free books and other stuff.

New contest will open April 1st for a yet-to-be-decided Adrianna Dane title.

Enter March Contest

Other News Around the Web

On the AmberPax Blog on February 20th, I wrote about creating Pandemonia. Sparking an Idea...resulting in Pandemonia... It doesn’t take much when you’re talking about a writer’s fertile imagination, to spark a story. Read more...

And in March on the AmberPax Blog, on March 19th, I'll be posting about Combustible. Be sure to stop by, because if you comment, you'll also be entered for a chance to win the full AmberPax Collection, Kiss of Fire, with stories by five different authors.

On wattpad you can find me there as WriterTess, I've begun a contemporary romance titled "Betrayal of Trust" and I'm posting short sections of this story. Eve Jennings Allanti, manager of the Fontaine Winery, is estranged from her Italian husband, Sebastian Allanti, head of the American operations for the Allanti family restaurant business. A breakdown in trust has occurred that Eve feels cannot be... Find out more about this FREE read...

Words Inside My Head on Wordpress

On my Darcy Abriel Wordpress blog, I've been sharing flash fiction stream of consciousness writings. In March:

  • Bone Puzzles
  • Queen of the Pack
  • Need Arises
  • Spawn
  • Dark Moon Ride

These are short writings in my "Words Inside My Head" Series. Perhaps someday they may grow up to be big stories. :-)

RETRO DISCOVER IT:The Horsemasters: Riding Lessons

The gossip says Miguel d’Loganno is a sex master of the highest caliber. And because Miguel is also the top of the line in horse trainers, Melanie Anne Grayson is desperate for his services, not the least of which is to train her horse, Merciless. The man is attractive, commanding, and delicious, and so is his strong, silent companion, Ricardo Santofoya. Their unorthodox training methods, both for horse and owner, have the horse set lining up to engage their services—for themselves as well as their horses.

Melanie is intrigued by the gossip, yet what she hears of his unusual interview tactics has her as skittish as an untrained filly. Can she accept Miguel's unorthodox terms for employment and allow herself to submit to the Horsemaster in order to acquire the best trainer for her steed?

A lusty, blistering interview with these sexy horse trainers has her panting to acquire more of their special talents. Disciplined riding lessons are nothing like the way she remembered, but they are oh, so delicious...and leave her wanting more...

Genres: Contemporary / BDSM / Interracial / Multicultural / Ménage (M/F/M) / Group Sex / Voyeurism / Exhibitionism / Public Places / Series 

Excerpt for Riding Lessons by Adrianna Dane

Vinnie's Ghost by Adrianna Dane

The delivery of a letter could mean everything to two lonely men, connected by the life and death of a man who meant something special to each of them separately.

Humanotica 1: Silver by Darcy Abriel

Born to freedom. Molded into submission. Seduction is her only weapon in a world of erotic desires.

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